P001 → The Only Certainty in Life is Change

Duo show  by Yan Lozov and Anna Fuji 

Artistic direction by Anna Fuji

3D scan by Marco Lozov
July/August 2022, Aether Art Space, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Visit the virtual show by clicking here

This duo exhibition shows the paintings and drawings of Yan Lozov and the photography work of Anna Fuji. It invites the audience in peaceful chaos to remember its teenager’s spirit. At this time, the world seemed far away but it looked like one day it would be ours. We had our dreams, our romances, our misery, and acne. But things were not so permanent after all. Frustration and hope were our fuel for creation in our rooms in which the expansion of our mind was the only place allowed to be free. Between reality and daydream mess, we were seekers of faith.