W004 → Butsudan

This installation is a representation of the heritage given by our ancestors. In my motherland, Japan, most houses have a Buddhist altar in honor of the deceased family members. It is called « butsudan » and is placed in the central room of the house. It is usually decorated with pictures of the deceased, incense, and offerings like food or flowers. Therefore, the influence of one life overflows after death. The ancestors are still present in the family members' lives by giving them guidance and protection. 

Initially, descendants received life as a precious gift from them. But then a bouquet of expectations and responsibilities is given to the children even before their birth. They inherit the whole thing, including family secrets and intergenerational traumas.

Sometimes, complete devotion is expected from the parents to their children, and they must heal the family’s trauma by breaking the circle of the perpetuation of violence. They are on earth to complete what was unachievable by their parents. It is an unpronounced deal that children have to commit without negotiation beforehand.