Anna Fuji is a French-Japanese artist who grew up between these 2 countries, practicing photography since the age of 12. In 2015, she moved to Brussels to study contemporary photography at La Cambre, then decided the following year to specialize in analog and documentary photography at le 75. Alongside her photography practice, she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at La Sorbonne. At the end of her bachelor's degree, she began a Master's degree in cultural studies in English at KU Leuven, focusing on cultural memory, identity, and Asian feminism. She combines her writing and research with visual anthropology. Anna is therefore a multi-disciplinary artist who is continually expanding her research horizons and experimenting with new means of expression. With a passion for textiles, she moved to Bulgaria in 2021 to broaden her techniques for a year at the Sofia National Academy of Arts in a textile art option, then worked at the Aether Art Space gallery as an assistant in 2022. While still a student, Anna took part in several exhibitions in Belgium, Bulgaria, and Japan. She is now pursuing an artistic career that blends photography, writing, installation, and performance. In 2023, co-founded the collective of artistic performances cook a dream, based in Brussels. Anna is keen to share her joy of seeing, to spotting rare moments of beauty with her camera. Authenticity comes first: she talks about what she knows, what she sees, and what she experiences.